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Available on! Go buy a copy!


Available on! Go buy a copy!


Endorsed by Haley Scharf, author and co-founder of Aslan's Library
"Most Christmas books start and end with the birth of Jesus, but the story of redemption goes back so much further in history - and holds so much more future hope! Lively Hope tells the full story, from creation to final restoration, and follows God's tender and purposeful initiative through it all. Jennifer Asp's storytelling leads us through the four weeks of Advent remembering God's promises and looking forward with hopeful longing to their complete fulfillment. For those of us who have been waiting for a book that brings Christ's second Advent into focus, Lively Hope is a gift indeed."


Interview with Jennifer on Albuquerque Mom's blog!
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Endorsed by Phyllis Alsdurf!

"Lively Hope offers a fresh retelling of the Advent story, revealing how from Genesis to Revelation it is woven together around the theme of Hope. With vivid imagery and lively metaphor, Jennifer Asp captures the minds and hearts of her readers, helping them to see their own place in the biblical narrative as they “look out, look up, and look ahead” to notice God’s plan still being revealed in the world around them. Asp’s compelling prose are brought to life with lovely four-color illustrations by Melody Villars in this book that is sure to become a Christmas classic."


--Author of It's Milking Time

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